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Who's behind the lens?

I'm Sarah, photographer and fine art designer here at Sarah Jane Furtography! I'm so happy you're here to find out if my style of photography is right for you.

I've been doing pet photography for roughly 15 years, starting while I was petsitting. When my sweet senior cat Jasper died tragically, my family was absolutely devastated. In our mourning I realized how I had taking so many photos of clients pets over the years but so little of my own that were professional. I decided to quit pet sitting and turn 100% to photography and dedicate myself to helping families preserve memories of their fur babies while there was still time. 

So my work is in the memory of Jasper, my grumpy old man who stole food off plates and was my snuggle buddy for 13 years. We have multiple other dogs, cats and a guinea pig who are my muses that I have model for me and that I now have beautiful artwork of around my home to treasure. 


As for my photography? I do things differently, for starters; I do love working with pets and their humans, animals are my passion! I've been working with them for over 20 years and love every minute of it.


HOWEVER, I enjoy lifestyle photography with families & kiddos. I've also worked with business's to help create their branding & headshots for a clean and cohesive online presence. 

I provide a complete luxury fine art service from beginning to end; Consultation, Session, Proofing, Closing Consult then designing your preferred style of decor for your home to always have your memories in view. I hand deliver to your home to ensure your satisfaction. Theres no skimping here, it's a full service experience. 


I can't wait to meet all of you and help create memories that last a lifetime!

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Tel: 770.417.6198



Marietta, Ga 30066

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