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Celebration of Life Sessions

"You were my happiest hello and my hardest goodbye" 

Pets break our hearts only once, and it's not on purpose. It's difficult to watch our babies age and it's extremely hard to receive a terminal diagnosis. Sometimes we have very little time to say goodbye, and we want to treasure the time we have left.


Sometimes our pets are just getting up there in years and as we watch them grey we realize we really need to get some family photos done.


This is where Celebration of Life Sessions come in. These are sessions  for pet parents who may not have professional photographs of their fur baby prior or many decent photos at all (Like I didn't have many of my Jasper) and want to be sure to have memories of them once they cross rainbow bridge. 

These are held with great care, special considerations taken into account for any mobility problems. Terminal pets and euthanasia appointments do get scheduling priority. 

In Memory of Jasper, always.

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